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Dbl Pole Circuit

Dbl Pole Circuit

BKR QD 2-2P 20/40A 2

Highlights: 2" 60 amp, 120/240 vac Non-interchangeable 10,000 AIR Switch indicator Plug-in Fits federal pacific-FPE (Stablock) panels Standard overload and short circuit protection in FPE load centers ETL listed HACR rated Carded

Circuit breaker switch, 50 amp, 125/250v, dbl pole ;4 screw terminals;bunn cwtf-twin, itcb-dvreplaces the following manufacturer's productsoem numbers are used for reference only, see policies for more details...

Highlights: Standard 1 format Trip thermally (in an overload situation) or magnetically (under a short circuit situation) Switching duty rating (SWD) on 15 and 20 Amp single pole breakers Quick make - quick break mechanism Available in convenient 10-packs

UL Listed; 120/240 volt. Common trip. Requires one 2" space. CIRCUIT BREAKERS Amp Rating=60 PLUG IN - DOUBLE POLE TYPE MP - COMMON TRIP

Tool Lockout Dbl-Pole Breaker

Square D Homeline, Double Pole Combination Tandem Circuit Breaker, Includes 2 Independent Single Pole 20A Circuit Breakers & 1 Double Pole 30A Breaker, Fits In The Same Space As Standard Double Pole Breaker, Compatible With Homeline Brand Load Centers & Combination Service Entrance Devices.

Screw Terminal Strip, 300 Series, 300 V Voltage Rating The panel and chassis mounted series are ideal for connecting electrical control panels to external power sources, signal sources, other electrical panels and electrical loads of many types and sizes...

Thick Series, SWD rated Zinsco replacement breaker. Requires two 3/4" spaces. 120/240 volt AC, 10,000 AIC. CIRCUIT BREAKERS Amp Rating=40 ZINSCO BY UBI PLUG-IN - DOUBLE POLE TYPE UBIZ - THICK SERIES

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