Circuit Breakers and Transformers

main circuit breakerIn this age of technology, we people rely heavily on electricity. From the time we wake-up until we fall asleep, we utilize electricity in one way or another. If the electric grid were to go down for any amount of time, it would cause problems that may be hard to even conceive. It is then safe to say that all people in this modern world would have a hard time existing if there were no electricity to rely on. Because of the immense importance of electricity and the paramount usage people make out of it, circuit breakers are then invented.

Circuit breakers are one small part of a much larger electrical system. They are an important safety feature around such a dangerous commodity. Why? It is because whenever there is a power surge or too much electricity flowing through the electrical wiring, this device will automatically cut off the power by tripping the breaker. This means that it shuts down the source of electrical power thus prevents short circuit, explosion or damage of any appliances due to overloaded electrical energy.

Without circuit breakers people will think twice before using electricity. Fire accident rates will definitely escalate. Utilizing of household appliances will be considered as an impractical thing to do because it might only lead to fire and other electrical related accidents. Also the life span of the appliances will be shorter. To say the least, circuit breakers are safety device. They are even tagged as one of the most important protection mechanisms in one’s home; a must-have in every household.
Circuit breakers come in a variety of sizes—10, 15, 20 and etc., The size of a breaker you will use will be depending on how much energy will be passing through the wire or how much electrical energy will be utilize by a particular appliance or home . Example, 10-20 amp breakers is enough for lighting and low-energy required appliances. While for appliances which utilizes greater amount of electricity will also require a higher amp circuit breaker.

When you buy circuit breakers you have to consider 2 factors:

1. The type of circuit breaker most suitable for your house—it could be Standard, GFCI, AFCI

  • Standard circuit breaker - it monitors the current of electricity as it goes inside your house and to the electrical wirings to outlets, up until the appliances. This kind of breakers is usually 15 or 20 amps.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) - shuts the power to the circuit when the breaker is tripped by a surge of current, it prevents short circuits. It is a must in outdoor areas, kitchen, garage and etc.
  • AFCI breakers – help protect from an accidental electrical release in an electrical wire that could lead to fire.

2. Never forget the considerations like the load capacity of your house

3. Another consideration is the compatibility of breakers to your electrical wiring and home appliances

4. And lastly, know the limitations of the different kinds of circuit breaker.

These considerations are just an aid for you on deciding properly what kind of circuit breaker you should buy and which breaker fits perfectly to the needs of your house. Just bear in mind that if you have no experience in installation or replacement of breakers it is best to wait for an expert or a licensed electrician to do it for you. This is to avoid electric shock or any other casualties.

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